Bellingham, WA  Everyone Has Unique Needs



Health concerns are unique to each individual. Some people just need to get out of pain, while others hope to regain lost enjoyment or quality of life. Integrative Health Bellingham customizes your care specifically to your needs.

At Integrative Health Bellingham, we are equipped to help you reach your health goal by providing a leading-edge diagnostic and treatment options.Integrative Health Bellingham takes an overall view of our patient’s health and supports their health concerns from a comprehensive integrative approach. This involves a review of possible functional problems or physiological lesions. This involves a multi-system review including Neurology, Endocrinology, and Immunology.

Examination and diagnostic procedures utilized include standard history and physical examination, neurological and orthopedic testing, and are supplemented with functional neurology, functional medicine, and applied kinesiology testing in office as needed. If indicated referral for x-rays, MRIs, CTs, nerve conduction velocity or electroymyogram or blood lab tests shall be recommended.

Any physiological lesions or dysfunctions identified, are addressed with our integrative treatment approach, which may include some of our cutting-edge treatment options. Select the links to learn more about what makes up our advanced care:



All of the pieces of your health puzzle need to be found in order to put it back together and get you back on the road to health. Many people present to our office frustrated, even having lost hope,  having sought results with other healthcare practitioners, but were left disappointed because not all of the pieces were found. Finding a couple of pieces to your health puzzle may only give minimal or short-term results. In order for your health care puzzle to be completely solved, all the pieces must be found, and put together all at the same time.

We leave no stone left unturned in trying to help you solve your health concern puzzle.