What You Can Expect In Our Office

For current and future patients, here are the links to the most vital information regarding our practice, Integrative Health Bellingham. Integrative Health Bellingham thanks you for trusting your health care with us.

Scheduling Your First Visit

Please, call our office at 360-746-8378 to schedule your first visit.  For your convenience, we have an online patient portal in which you can make appointment requests, see your records, and fill out forms at your convenience. Our office will need your First & Last Name, Phone Number, and Email Address to invite you to the portal. You will receive an email link and can login to Patient Ally by choosing Dr. Jeffrey J. Albright, DC as your provider. Please, upload a picture, a copy  (front and back of both) your driver’s license and insurance cards, complete and sign all forms prior to your first visit.

Payment Options

Your First Visit

When you first come into our office, you’re greeted by our great front desk staff with positive energy and smiles.
We’ll treat you like family.
We have some brief paperwork you’ll need to complete, which can be found here if you’d like to fill it out ahead of time. It can also be emailed or faxed to you prior to your appointment.

After your paperwork is completed, you’ll meet Dr. Albright for:

  • An overview of your health history
  • A thorough examination, including postural assessment
  • A discussion of your health goals and concerns
  • If needed, we’ll send you to another facility to get X-rays.
  • Your first visit should last 30 minutes, plus time for paperwork if not completed ahead of time.

Consultation, History, & Examination

During your first visit we provide a consultation, ask about your health concerns and medical history. A comprehensive approach reviewing pertinent systems of the body that may be the cause of your health concern is performed. Our goal is to gather as much information as possible to identify the cause of your health concern and determine the best course of action to treat it. Identifying the specific manner in which the body is not functioning to have caused a symptom is crucial. When the dysfunction has been identified it is more plausible to alleviate pain and other symptoms. If we feel like we can help you, we will recommend an examination, or we will refer you to someone who we feel can help you.

Your Second Visit

We’ll schedule your next visit with us as soon as possible. At this appointment, you’ll see Dr.Albright for:

  • A full report of findings from your first visit
  • Your first chiropractic adjustment

Remember, your care plan is your decision. We’ll give you our best recommendations based on your unique condition and desired health care goals, but it’s always up to you to move forward with care.

Initiating Treatment

On your next visit, we try to answer the most common questions patients have and review how the brain and body work and what dysfunction occurred. We will give you’re a report of your findings and make recommendations for a trial of care to best determine how you will respond if indicated. Once your questions are answered, we begin care for your health concerns to determine how you will respond. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a variety to treatment options to adapt to each individual patient’s needs and will discuss each them prior to beginning care.

Your Third Visit

Review Your Health Goals

After you have received your first treatment, we then get an idea of how you’ll respond to our methods, as everyone responds differently according to their age, level of health, stress, etc. During the Report of findings we sit down with you and discuss what is going on with your brain,  nervous system and body as well as discuss your health goals. Not only do we want to get you feeling better but we understand that symptoms are caused by a loss of proper function, and discuss choosing how to deal with your health concerns whether you seek relief, correction, or maintenance.

Your Fourth Visit & Beyond

During this visit, we give review your findings, educate you on why you may be having the symptoms and issues as well as suggest a recommended action plan to help you to achieve your health goals, based upon how you’ve responded to our care over the past few visits. We will work diligently with you and may suggest many ways achieve them. Our comprehensive ideas and strategies may incorporate nutrition, massage, other rehabilitation methods that we host at our clinic, as well as a home program which may include diet, exercise, nutrition, brain-based therapies, and trigger point therapies.