Chiropractic Neurology focuses upon the effects of subluxation complex (see chiropractic page)  physiological lesions on the brain’s centrally integrated state. In the hopes of addressing the cause of the segmental dysfunction, and making long-lasting results to make the patient more self-reliant, and less dependent upon passive care, clinical neuroscience based rehabilitation, or brain based therapies, along with standard physical rehabilitation such as core-stabilization is utilized.

The nervous system comprised of the brain, spinal cord, autonomic nervous system and peripheral nerves are the first system to be formed in utero as it is the most important system of the body. The spinal column develops next, to encase and protect  the nervous systems which delivers vital communication from the brain to the body, and vice versa via nerve impulses.  We as humans, essentially live our lives through the nervous system. The neural network is the center  of communication that keeps us alive and healthy.  Virtually every cell in the human body is controlled by the brain and  nervous system, thus we must take care of it, and can access it through our spine.  When a chiropractic adjustment or reduction of the physiological lesion is performed by a Chiropractic Neurologist, our goal is not merely to move a bone, rather it is to optimize the neurological pathways that connect the brain to the body, as it is master controller of every function of the human body.

The brain and nervous system’s ability to adapt and change is known as Neuroplasticity.  Functional neurology utilizes this ability,  to restore normal function to areas of the brain and nervous system that are functioning at a low level through proper fuel, activation, and nutrition.  Chiropractic Neurology detects these faulty patterns and corrects them. A comprehensive treatment plan combining chiropractic care, neurology and physical rehabilitation, dysfunctional joints, muscles and surrounding soft tissues changes may be brought about, but more importantly, the brain and nervous system that are controlling them can receive an update on how it operates, much like a computer. Through a thorough examination, identifying the level at which the physiological lesion has occurred allows us to re-wire  the connections within the neural network and positively change the central integrated state, to allow the human body to improve function and decrease symptoms, and increase the probability of us living in a healthy state.

Understanding the concepts of neuroplasticity as used in functional neurology,  allows us to diagnose, treat and alleviate symptoms from  many conditions beyond pain related conditions.  Our comprehensive approach allows for virtually every cell in the body as it is controlled by the nervous system to be positively affected by our care. Our goal is for each and every patient well, so if we feel we can help you we will say so. And if we do not think we can help you, we will refer you to someone we feel can.

Our comprehensive care, diagnosis, and treatment vary with every individual and may be a combination of chiropractic, neurological and physical rehabilitation.  Our goal is to identify the cause, and effectively treat the issue in as short a time period as possible, without lengthy, ongoing treatment.


Reasons to Consult a Chiropractic Neurologist

Migraines, Cluster Headaches, Headaches

Disc Herniation

Neck and Back Pain


Carpal Tunnel

Numbness/Tingling in an extremity


Plantar Fascitis

Knee, foot and ankle pain

Shoulder pain/Rotator cuff issues/Frozen Shoulder

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


Neurological disorders as seen in the functional neurology section

Post Concussion syndrome (Headache, Brain Fog, Memory issues, Vertigo)

Vertigo/Dizziness/Light headed

Postural imbalance


Elbow Tendonitis

TMJ pain

Unspecified pain in muscles and joint


Multiple Sclerosis